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All our jewelry is made with a stainless steel base and either 14k or 18k gold plated. Stainless steel is known to be resistant to dust, corrosion and scratch plus it is non-degradable, recyclable not harmful to the environment or to the person handling the manufacturing making it our best choice for everyday wear.


  • All our jewelry pieces are water resistant although you should keep in mind that submerging your jewelry in water especially water containing some form of chemicals like your pool water can speed up the rate at which your gold fades. When swimming in a pool, your jewelry is not only coming into contact with more water more often, but there are other chemicals in the water, namely chlorine and salt, that interact with your jewelry far more dramatically than fresh water and soap alone and if you lose your ring in the ocean, it will be much harder to retrieve. Also, shiny jewelry might attract some unwanted sea creatures. For this reasons we advice you take off your jewelry before going into pools, oceans etc.
  • After each wear wipe off makeup or any residue on your jewelry using our custom polishing cloth
  • Store your clean, dry jewelry in a safe air tight pouch or you can store it in the custom box your jewelry came in
  •  Always keep your jewelry away from perfumes, hairsprays, lotion and other chemicals 
  • Make sure to always take off your jewelry before going to bed
  • We recommend cleaning your jewelry with lukewarm water and jewelry cleaning solution to clean your pieces after every few wears

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